Fred Kriess

Founder and President

Our Firm

We have a passion to help other be successful and are focused on being an independent solutions advisor helping cities, towns and public agencies with their water/wastewater utility needs

Fred Kriess has over 40 years of experience working in a variety of roles and positions in the water/wastewater utility industry.  He began his career working as a water/wastewater treatment plant operator for a small municipality in Western Pennsylvania before moving to Arizonia in 1978.  He worked for Citizens Utilities (now EPCOR Water) starting, again as a Plant Operator, learning the business from the ground up, before becoming General Manager in 1988 for Citizens' Arizonia water and wastewater utility operations.   Mr. Kriess also worked for three years leading governmental relations efforts for Citizens various regulated utility operations.


Mr. Kriess  has worked in the contract operations field since 2002 in various management roles until he made a decision in April 2019 to start his own firm with a singular focus on being an independent solutions advisor for cities, towns and public agencies.

The vision for my company was born after listening  to city managers, deputy city managers, public works directors, and utility managers, in workshop sessions.   I saw a need to provide help and assistance with  specific needs.  


Another driver for my business,  that it allows me to focus on ensuring the good health of utilities.  I was a pre med student in college and now regret that I didn't pursue my ambition of becoming a physician.  The vision of my company is now based on helping to diagnose a condition that an organization may be experiencing, and ultimately offering a cure through innovative and cost effective solutions 

We are an independent Solutions Advisor that can ensure the ongoing success and health of your utility